Leading the research and development of OLEDs in Japan


The Japan OLED Forum holds two member-only Meetings each year to advance the further development of the science, applied research, and practical use of OLEDs through discussion and debate among specialists in the field of OLED science and technology.

The Forum aims to

  • build a common base for OLED-related science and technology while at the same time educating talented researchers and engineers through presentation and discussion of recent research and developments regarding OLEDs,
  • create a common venue for industrial and academic cooperation through nationwide participation,
  • and encourage the research development and business development of OLED displays and lighting by inspiring and guiding its participants toward realizing the future of OLEDs.

The Meetings are the main means for accomplishing these goals through the lively and deep discussion and debate of research into the fundamental science behind OLEDs and of technological developments for the creation of high-value OLED products.

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 Next Regular Meetings

The 33rd Meeting of the Japan OLED Forum, The 15th Anniversary Public Symposiumwill be held online on November 18th (Thursday), 19th (Friday), 2021. Click here to register
the Call for papers

 Meeting review

As discussion and debate between members is one of the major purposes of the Forum, this corner has been newly established with the aim of offering a venue for continuing throughout the year the discussions begun at the Meetings held twice a year. We hope that all of the members will actively utilize this corner.

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