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Guide of "Japan OLED Forum" Award Support Fund (Regular meeting preliminary draft advertisement publishing) recruitment

The recruitment of the advertisement publishing in regular meeting preliminary draft, intended for the management member (Group) and support member (Group), as part of the member service in the Japan OLED forum, is as per the following outline.
For those who want to publish, please submit the electronic file to the secretariat, after filling the following advertisement publishing application form. Please inquire at the secretariat for details.

[Target of advertisement recruitment]
It is limited to the management member (Group) and support member (Group). Other than this, the application from the non-member enterprises is not accepted.

[Distribution scope of advertisement publishing place and preliminary draft]
The group (Enterprise) advertisement is inserted in the last few pages of the preliminary draft booklet published by the Japan OLED forum regular meeting held twice a year.
The preliminary draft will be distributed to the participating members at the regular meeting venue, the members can purchase by paying even after the regular meeting, but it is neither distributed nor sold to the non-members.

[Publishing charges]
1. One year contract (Publishing twice in the same fiscal year).
-100,000 Yen for 1 page in A4 size, and 50,000 Yen for 1/2 page in A4 size
2. Each time publishing contract
-60,000 Yen for 1 page in A4 size, and 30,000 Yen for 1/2 page in A4 size
(*One-year contract is accepted only during the regular meeting in spring.)

[Advertisement content]
It is assumed that the members can obtain various information like the raw material, component, device, parts, test equipment, job recruitment, exhibit guide etc. related to the science and technology of OLED. The publishing will not be accepted, if the advertisement content is not along the outline of this forum, and hence please acknowledge in advance.

The offered advertising manuscript is printed as it is after adjusting the size. At present, black and white printing is assumed. In case color printing is expected, please consult individually, as the actual expenses has to be separately borne.

[Use of publishing charges]
The publishing charges earned by the advertisement publishing, is partially used as the fund for the management of the Japan OLED forum achievement prize and lecture encouragement prize. Therefore, an advertising publishing in the preliminary draft has a special meaning in contributing to the research encouragement of OLED, besides giving the information to the member and the purpose of advertisement.

[Condition of advertisement publishing execution]
If the numbers of applications to fulfill the advertisement in the regular meeting preliminary draft in one time exceeds two or more pages, then the advertisement publishing at that time is stopped.

[Inquiry and Where to apply]
"Japan OLED forum secretariat"
TEL/FAX: +81-92-591-2705