29th Meeting of the Japan OLED Forum
Call for papers

November 21 (Thursday) and 22 (Friday), 2019
Venue:Okazaki Conference Center (Aichi)

*Important documents such as the call for papers (pdf version), abstract template, Award Support Fund guide, corporate exhibition guide, etc., can be found here.

Registration Program Program details

1. Aim of the Meeting:
Through the gathering of specialists in the field of OLED science and technology for thorough discussion and debate, the 29th Meeting of the Japan OLED Forum aims to advance the further development of the science, applied research, and practical use of OLEDs.

This Meeting aims to

  • build a common base for OLED-related science and technology while at the same time educating talented researchers and engineers through presentation and discussion of recent research and developments regarding OLEDs,
  • create a common venue for industrial and academic cooperation through nationwide participation,
  • and encourage the research development and business development of OLED displays and lighting by inspiring and guiding its participants toward realizing the future of OLEDs.

With these aims in mind, presentations and in-depth discussions will be held regarding the fundamental research of OLEDs and the development of high-value OLED products. Please actively participate in and contribute to this Meeting.

2. Sponsor: Japan OLED Forum
Co-sponsor: SID Japanese branch ,Support: Okazaki Conferense Centere ,Grant by DAIKO FOUNDATION

3. Date and time:

  • Thursday, November 21, 2019
    (12:00 - 13:00 Registration open, 13:00 - 18:00 Discussion, 18:00 - 20:00 Networking event)
  • Friday, November 22, 2019
    (9:00 - 9:30 Registration open, 9:30 - 16:30 Discussion)
*The time of the program may change. please confirm when the program is opened to the public.

4. Venue:
National Institutes of Natural Sciences Okazaki Conferense Centere : Azatenma 8-1, Myodaiji, Okazaki , Japan
Direction : Click Here

5. Program organization

[Special lecture]

  1. "Organic Solar Cells Using High Mobility Organic Semiconductors"
    Prof. Hiramoto Masahiro, Professor of National Institutes of Natural Sciences 
  2. "Luminescence of stable organic radicals"
    Prof. Kusamoto Tetsuro, Associate Professor of National Institutes of Natural Sciences

[Special lecture]

  1. "Development of the display technology for the VR/AR application"
    Dr. Nomoto Kazumasa, Application Technology Development Division1 R&D Center Sony Corporation
  2. "Smart Glasses “MOVERIO” with High Definition Si-OLED and Waveguided Optical System"
    Dr. Fukase Akio, SEIKO EPSON CORPORATION VSM Project  

[General presentations]

  1. General oral presentations (presentation:15 min; questions and answers: 5 min)
  2. Short oral presentations (presentation 5 min without question time)
However, the above-mentioned times may change based on the number of applications.
*In both cases, poster discussion is held as a venue for speakers and participants to discuss after the completion of the presentations.
*Other networking events are also being planned.

6. Technical fields
Various OLED-related technologies and applications
1. Materials science, 2. Devices, 3. Simulations, 4. Displays, 5. Process technology, 6. Reliability, 7. Evaluation technology, 8. Applications, etc.

7. Registration

  1. Participants (speakers and audience members) must be regular members or student members of the Forum. Non-members are requested to follow the member registration procedures.
  2. Registration:Click Here
  3. The registration deadline is Tuesday, November 5.
    The registration fee for participating in the Meeting is ¥3,000 for regular members (non-taxable) and free for student members. There is an additional ¥2,000 (non-taxable) fee to participate in the networking event, regardless of the member type.
8. Submission outline for general presentations
  1. Submission requirements : Contributors must be regular members or student members of the Forum.
  2. Submission deadline : Tuesday, September 17.
  3. Contribution site : here
  4. Abstracts : Please submit an abstract of two pages (A4 size), including diagrams, in PDF format. If the abstract is selected, it will be offset printed in black and white as part of the book of abstracts. For details, please see the abstract template. In principle, the abstracts and presentations should be in Japanese. The abstracts will be published on the web in advance when the program is opened to the public (after Tuesday, October 15).
  5. Selection of abstracts : The Forum adopts a peer review system for selecting abstracts based on the following criteria. If the content of an abstract is not in accordance with the purpose of the Forum, it might not be selected.
    1. Originality of the thesis is not required.
    2. Abstract content shall be able to withstand discussion at the Forum and be reproducible.
    3. Based on the review, abstracts will be selected as either general oral presentations or short oral presentations or rejected. Abstracts can be submitted with a preference for short oral presentations. Both the general and short oral presentations will be part of the poster discussion.
  6. Outstanding Presentation Award : The Japan OLED Forum Outstanding Presentation Award is given to the member who displays excellence in the general presentations during the Meetings in autumn and spring. The award and a research scholarship (¥200,000) are presented to the best speaker under 35 years of age. Please see the Awards page for details.
  7. Other :
    1. An automatic reply will be sent by email after registration is received. In the case that no reply is received after registration, please inquire at the contact address below.
    2. Abstract acceptance and rejection notifications will be sent by email no later than Friday, October 11.
    3. The total scheduled time for general oral presentations is 20 minutes per session (presentation: 15 min; questions and answers: 5 min) and for short oral presentations is 5 minutes (no question time). However, this schedule might change depending the number of submissions.
    4. Speakers should also register for the Meeting in the same manner as non-speakers.
9. Handling of information
  1. Handling of abstracts
  1. The information described in the abstract is assumed to be open to the public when the books of abstracts are distributed.
  2. The copyright to work appearing in the abstract will belong to both the Forum and the author.
  3. The author bears responsibility for the content of the abstract and the presentation registration form.
  4. Changes to abstracts after the submission deadline and withdrawal of presentations is not permitted.
  1. Handling of information inside the meeting venue
  1. Audio recording, video recording, and photography inside the meeting venue is strictly prohibited.
  2. The contents of the presentations, question and answer sessions, and discussions are not recorded by the host and cannot be used as evidence in determining intellectual property rights. Participants are allowed to speak freely, and a lively discussion is expected.


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